A selection, but not every cover of early books by Pam Brown

                         Cafe Sport published by Sea Cruise Books, Sydney 1979

                         Correspondences published by Red Press, Sydney 1979
                            Cover art - photo & silkscreen, by Micky Allan

                         Country & Eastern published by Never-Never Books, Sydney 1980                             Cover art - silkscreen, by Micky Allan

                  Small Blue View published by Magic Sam Books & Experimental Art
                     Foundation, Adelaide 1982  Cover art - drawings & silkscreen, by Ken Bolton

                         New & Selected Poems 1971 - 1982 published by Redress Press & Wild                              & Woolley, Sydney 1984 Cover art - charcoal drawing by Micky Allan

                         Keep It Quiet published by Sea Cruise Books, Sydney 1988
                            Cover art - charcoal drawing by Sue Ford

                         New & Selected Poems published by Wild & Woolley, Sydney 1990                             Cover art - painting by Jan Mackay

                         This World. This Place. published by UQP, Brisbane 1994
                            Cover design by Kent Whitmore, photo by Pam Brown


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